Master’s Students Initiate New Semester at Ottobock Science Center Berlin

Hitting off each new semester with a special event has become a cherished tradition for the students of our two Master’s programmes International Brand Communication and International Brand Management.

This time our motley crew of students from 15+ countries headed to Germany’s capital in order to visit medtech company Ottobock.

Ottobock, which is well-known for high-quality and technologically outstanding products and services, has chosen to be present itself to the outside world via its so-called Science Center.

In line with the company’s goal to maintain and – if necessary – return people’s personal mobility, which is rooted in the strong conviction that quality of life is crucially dependent on one’s indvidual independence, the center features a permanent exhibition titled „Discover what moves us“.

A scheduled 1.5hr tour resonated well with our students, not least thanks to the opportunities it offered for concrete and enjoyable interaction. The center’s unique architecture, which has earned it the curious nickname „Muscle House“, proved popular as well.

However, the true highlight of the excursion was the introduction of the Ottobock brand, which is characterised by respect, engagement, authenticity, playfulness, open-mindedness, business-mindedness and courage – traits that we find easy to endorse and share.