Communication design

Are you interested in designing brands?
Your passion is designing, illustrating or photographing?

On our study focus communication design you will become acquainted with everything that successful design and communication involves.

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As a communication designer you will design, develop and implement multi-channel marketing for major brands and companies in print, video and digital media.

If you focus on communication design when taking our Bachelor’s course in Brand Design you will develop all of the design and technical expertise you need as a creative in the branding and advertising industry.

At the Brand Academy, in addition to undergoing conventional training as a graphic designer, you will be equipped with expertise in brand development and communication research which will give you a key advantage for an exciting career in the creative industry – whether you work at an advertising or communication agency, a publishing house, a film production company or cultural institute, or as a freelance designer.

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Course Director Prof. Eidens

  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (int. recognised)
  • Course duration: 6 semesters
  • Semesters abroad: Optional
  • Studienort: Hamburg
  • Course begins: Winter semester
  • Campus: Hamburg
  • Application deadlines: WiSe 15 September
  • Admission requirements: Matriculation standard for university or Fachhochschule entry, written application and personal interview.

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At the Brand Academy you will learn all about visual communication, from the analysis of brand strategy, to the development of concepts and designs, to production and documentation in the form of design guidelines.

Your design skills will be augmented and deepened intensively through multimedia design disciplines.
We will equip you with very practically based knowledge in direct conjunction with big-name agencies and brand companies.

By the end of the course you will be more than just a visual designer – you will be a storyteller, strategist, visionary and inventor.

1st Semester

  • Form & Composition
  • Characters & Font
  • Photography
  • Brand Design Basics
  • Brand Management Basics

2nd Semester

  • Graphic design
  • Digital Design
  • Typography & Publishing
  • Aesthetics & Perception
  • Elective Module

3rd Semester

  • Corporate Design
  • Motion Design
  • Generative Design
  • Elective Module

4th Semester

  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Audiovisual branding
  • Packaging
  • Elective Module

5th Semester

  • Art Direction
  • Design Thinking & Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary Practice Project
  • Elective Module

6th Semester

  • Practice Transfer Project
  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Colloquium

Elective Modules:

In the 2nd – 5th semester, electives are taken to develop the individual focus of study on communication design or digital design – the teaching languages are German and English.

  •     Digital Branding & Social Media (DE, EN)
  •     Illustration (DE)
  •     Brand Language (DE)
  •     Wearables and tangible media (DE, EN)
  •     Prototyping and User Testing (DE, EN)
  •     Brand Environments (DE)
  •     Multisensory branding (DE, EN)
  •     Creative Leadership (EN)
  •     Open Innovation & Digital Thinking (EN)
  •     Semiotics & Aesthetics (EN)
  •     Communication management (DE, EN)
  •     Media Science & Advertising Psychology (DE, EN)
  •     Market and Trend Research & Neuromarketing (DE, EN)
  •     Specialization in Photography (DE, EN)
  •     Advanced Editorial Design (DE, EN)
  •     Specialization in Generative Design and Creative Coding (DE, EN)
  •     Specialisation in Film and Motion Design (DE, EN)
  •     Free transfer projects (DE, EN)
  •     Business English (EN)

Status: October 2018

After successfully completing the study focus communication design, many opportunities will open up to you as an expert in the creative industry.

As the person responsible for the image and communication of brands, you will be able to realise complex projects as part of integrated marketing.
As a graduate of the Brand Academy who specialised in communication design, you will possess above-average design and brand aptitudes.

This will give you the best possible prospects of launching your career in the creative industry – whether as a junior designer, a junior concept developer or a freelance creative.

The requirement for admission is that you are qualified to enter a university (Abitur) or a university of applied sciences (Fachabitur).
If you have the right prior experience you may be admitted to study without either of these qualifications.

You may begin the course in April or October.

As well as your CV and references, a very important aspect of your application will be your letter of motivation. We place a lot of emphasis on forming high-quality, committed semester groups of students who complement and inspire one another.

You will find more information about the application documents and formal requirements on the application form.

If they assess your application documents positively, our applicant manager Sonja Sahlmüller and our course director will look forward to getting to know you in a personal interview and finding out more about your own particular career so far, your specific aptitudes, and your personal aims which you wish to pursue in connection with the course. If your application interview is successful you will be admitted to study.

Course fees

As a leading state-recognised, privately owned university, the Brand Academy is financed exclusively through course fees.

Course fees for students from Germany and the EU from October 2019:
685,- Euro per month,
890,- Euro one-off matriculation fee,
200,- Euro one-off examination fee.
Total costs: 25.750,- Euro

Course fees for students from countries outside the EU:
890,- Euro per month,
2.300,- Euro one-off matriculation fee,
200,- Euro one-off examination fee.
Total costs: 34.540,- Euro
Exceptions may be made for students who already have long-term residence permits for the EU.


We hope to enable every suitable candidate to study at the Brand Academy, regardless of their financial situation.
For this reason we sponsor certain ‘Brand Talents’ with a scholarship from Semester 5 onwards. You can also obtain finance under the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (‘BAföG’ or German Federal Educational Assistance Act).
If you want to know anything about financing you should contact the Student Financing Advice Centre.

Students at the Brand Academy can also obtain financial support from foundations and financial institutions in Hamburg and further afield. At a national level there is the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) which offers the ‘KfW-Studienkredit’.