Brand Events


Learn more about our bachelor studies on 14.08.2019, 16 Uhr. What competencies and skills you will learn in our Brand Design and Brand Management courses and what attractive career options are available to you after your Bachelor’s degree. Inform now!

INFO-EVENT MASTER STUDIES 13.08.2019, 19.09.2019, 22.10.2019, 21.11.2019 AND 10.12.2019

Our next "Info-Event Master Studies" takes place in Hamburg on 13th August 2019, 19th September 2019, 22th October 2019, 21th November 2019 and 10th December 2019. Join us and get to know our Master’s programmes in Marketing & Innovation, Design & Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. This is a great chance to see our campus overlooking the Elbe river and to learn all about our [...]