Student representatives

The student representatives are elected by the students collectively and are made up of students from all of the Brand Academy’s courses; they represent the interests and wishes of the students in general. Members maintain close contact with students, professors, lecturers and employees of the Brand Academy and they nominate individuals to act as representatives on the Examination Board and in the Senate.

Student representatives are responsible for making suggestions on how to improve studying at the Brand Academy, and for providing ideas about how to develop the university, as well as organising celebrations, events and guest talks.

Student representatives also support new students at the Brand Academy as part of the Buddy Scheme, and provide them with assistance and orientation in the organisational and personal issues that arise in the early stages of study.

Student representatives call a general meeting of students annually in order to provide all of them with a review and a look ahead to things which will be changing at the university.

Representatives of the students

Laura Ellerbrock, Chairman of student representatives,
Brand Management, 5. Semester

Daniela Fokken, Chairman of student representatives and representative at the university senate,
Brand Management, 4. Semester

Dennis Bender, Representative at the university senate,
International Brand Communication, 1. Semester

Viviane Mirafuente, Representative on the Examination Board IBM/IBC,
International Brand Management, 3. Semester

Bea Acheampong, Representative on the Examination Board Brand Design,
Brand Design, 3. Semester

Max Baer, Representative on the Examination Board Brand Management,
Brand Management, 2. Semester

Jinglin Wu (Aria), Representative International Students,
Brand Design, 3. Semester

Sven Wiedemann,
Brand Management, 1. Semester

Niklas Kentrup,
Brand Management, 2. Semester

Sophia Malorny,
Brand Management, 4. Semester