IBC Students Hold Final Presentations at XING HQ

Under the watchful eyes of the XING unicorn, our International Brand Communication Master’s students held their final presentations at XING’s headquarters on July 12.

After a motivating kick-off and an insightful feedback round, the presentations represented the culmination of the months-long effort of five teams that had been tasked to extend a nation-wide campaign to multiple channels, interactive platforms and – ideally – social or digital media.

The end results once again proved the importance of the previous feedback round, during which XING’s Director Brand Marketing, Jan Kowalksy, and Social Media Marketing Manager Claudia Peters provided their views on the ideas and approaches the students had developed. As a result, the latter were able to fulfil the company’s expectations with precision.


The solutions suggested by the students were as intriguing as they were diverse, among them online banners, an online challenge, an interactive out-of-home format, and an ambient marketing concept. XING will now conduct an internal evaluation to see if they can indeed be transferred into the ongoing real-life campaign.

We are excited to hear the outcome and wish all teams much success! Not least, we are delighted that a continuation of the cooperation between XING and Brand Academy for next year is already at the planning stage.