IBM Students Present Ideas to Leica During Practice Project Feedback Round

Following the kickoff in late April, the Leica Practice Project entered its second stage on June 22. During the so-called Feedback Round, 3 teams of our International Brand Management (IBM) Master’s students had the chance to present ideas they had been working on for nearly two months. The goal: Finding ways to engage generations Y and Z with the Leica brand.

Each team presented at least two ideas, ranging from a smartphone app to plans for an exhibition. Leica’s representatives Ms Sandra Sczesny, Global Director Marketing & Communications and Ms Anna Erb, Event Marketing Manager kindly freed up their packed schedules to spend half a day at Brand Academy. Needless to say, their feedback proved invaluable for our students.


We are eager to find out which team will edge out the competition in the end. Perhaps it will be “No Team Leicas“, who had managed to put the attendees of the feedback round in a good mood with their humorous phonetic pun on “Like Us“. Be that as it may, we wish ALL teams much success and that their ideas will soon be put into practice.